An investigation into German crimes in the former Abbe’s factory in Radogoszcz was initiated on the motion of prosecutor J. Korytkowski of October 23, 1945. The decision was made by W. Bednarz, Examining Magistrate of the District Court in Łódź. Examining Magistrate associate judge S. Krzyżanowska started interrogating witnesses on November 17, 1945. She looked for people who had been imprisoned in the Radogoszcz Extended Police Prison during the occupation, particularly those who had survived the prison liquidation in January 1945. Other people testifying were those who had been indirect witnesses of events taking place during the liquidation of the prison on January 17-19, 1945, arriving at the prison right after Germans had left or helping survivors. Moreover, on February 26 and March 20, 1946, crime scene examinations were carried out. They revealed that buildings of the former prison were not secured, and in the one-storey building one could still find prisoners’ everyday items, such as clothes and aluminium bowls. In the assembly square, there were still some unburied human bones. Therefore, a representative of the Polish Red Cross in Łódź was asked to ensure a proper burial of the body fragments found. Ultimately, on March 26, 1946, the investigation was suspended until those responsible for the crimes were apprehended and handed over to the Polish judiciary.

Investigative Files