You have seen all the rooms of our virtual exhibition and learnt the history of the Radogoszcz prison. You know the course of events aiming to prosecute and punish those responsible for the crimes committed there. You also know than not all perpetrators were punished. Perhaps this will provoke an in-depth discussion of the meaning and purpose of such notions as punishment, justice, and amends – particularly in the context of war crimes that go beyond human understanding and simple judgements.

We hope that the exhibition “Radogoszcz 1945 – Testimony to the Crime” will stay embedded in your memory and will encourage you to visit the Museum of Independence Traditions in Łódź, particularly the Radogoszcz Martyrology Branch. We would also like to invite you to visit the Radegast Station and the Museum in Gdańska Street. We are saying goodbye for now, but I hope we will meet again and share many other stories about the history of Łódź.

See you in the Museum of Independence Traditions!