Recording no. 3

We will avenge the Radogoszcz martyrs!
On Sunday, January 28, 1945, a ceremonial field mass was celebrated, attended by representatives of the authorities, the Red Army, and the Polish Armed Forces.
A field altar was placed at the wall of the place of slaughter. Martyred Jesus on the cross, the patron saint of all those who suffer undeservedly, was towering high above the heads of the gathered crowd.
Inscriptions: “We will avenge the Radogoszcz martyrs!”, “The proletariat will avenge Majdanek victims”, “The German won’t spit in our face”, “Death to fascist executioners”, and “March on Berlin” all reflected the feelings of the manifestation participants.
Then General Mochnacki spoke: “Who can describe, who can tell how Hitlerism abused the defenceless Polish nation. Words are too weak to convey the unbelievable bestiality of the executioners. Nearly every Polish family cries for their lost loved ones. But justice will be done as the heroic Polish Armed Forces, allied with the Red Army, will avenge their suffering.”
There was no end to spontaneous cries: “Long live the Red Army, the saviour of Poland”, “Long live the Polish Army”, “Long live the workers’ Łódź!”
Military troops honoured the martyrs. A 24-gun salute was heard. The bodies of the murdered were covered with flowers. Deeply moved people sang “Rota”.

A description of the funeral of the Radogoszcz victims on February 18, 1945.

A fragment of press coverage of the Holy Mass celebrated in the grounds of the burnt prison in Radogoszcz on January 28, 1945, for the victims of the Radogoszcz massacre.
Wolna Łódź, Łódź, January 31, 1945, p. 1.