Recording no. 4

On March 8, 1946, Examining Magistrate of the 3rd District of the District Court in Łódź inspected the evidence sent by the Radogoszcz district unit of the Polish Workers’ Party, previously secured by active members of the Party. The evidence was found by active members of the Party in the grounds of the camp in Radogoszcz among piles of charred bodies and the camp’s rubble.

The findings of the inspection are as follows:

  • Envelope no. 1 contains a yellow cigarette case, burnt, with a sheet of paper with partially burnt edges, with the following words written in pencil: “Rutkowski Ignacy, Lowenstadt”.
  • Envelope no. 2 contains a leather bag, the leather of the purse is stiff, partially burnt.
  • Envelope no. 3 contains 4 wallets, black, leather, empty.
  • Envelope no. 4 contains a red leather purse, half-burnt.
  • Envelope no. 5 contains a white linen purse, considerably soiled, with an embroidered flap, the purse has a metal clasp.
  • Envelope no. 6 contains 41 photographs with burnt edges.
  • Envelope no. 7 contains a prayer book Ogień Miłości Jezusa Chrystusa (The Fire of Christ’s Love), leather-bound, partially burnt.
  • Envelope no. 8 – a red purse, partially burnt, with a crumbling slice of bread,
  • Envelope no. 9 – a leather cigarette case or a purse, partially burnt, with a partially burnt piece of paper inside, white with a blue pattern,
  • Envelope no. 10 contains a leather purse, a so-called horseshoe coin purse, considerably soiled; inside it, there is a fragment of a form from the Department of Population Register notifying of a marriage from May 1943.
  • Envelope no. 11 contains a cigarette case blackened by the fire, rusty, its original colour cannot be identified, with fragments of dirty black cloths sticking to the outside.
  • Envelope no. 12 contains 24 photographs of unidentified men and women, partially burnt.
  • Envelope no. 13 contains 20 photographs of men and women, partially burnt; 3 photographs have inscriptions: “Zdzisław Nit”, “For Zdzisio, as a keepsake”, “father Zdzisław Nita”.
  • Envelope no. 14 contains a street photograph depicting two women; according to a handwritten note found in the envelope, the photograph was owned by Władysław Wosik.
  • Envelope no. 15 contains a black leather wallet, damaged, with a number of documents issued to Tadeusz Sowiński, photographs, and letters.

This concludes the report.
Examining Magistrate, S. Krzyżanowska

An inspection of the evidence provided by the Radogoszcz district unit of the Polish Workers’ Party, including items found after the liquidation of the Radogoszcz prison on January 19, 1945, carried out on March 8, 1946, on behalf of Examining Magistrate of the 3rd District of the District Court in Łódź by associate judge S. Krzyżanowska.

The District Court in Łódź. Prosecutorial files on the case against: Walter Pelzhausen, ref. no. Ld 498/28, vol. 4, pp. 202.