Recording no. 3

To Representative of the Polish Red Cross
On account of the investigation I conduct into the burning down of the camp in Radogoszcz, I have conducted two inspections of the camp grounds. Among other things, I have found that in the camp grounds, inside the burnt building and in the yard, there is still a certain amount of unburied human bones. Considering the above and the need to bury these human remains, not only for official reasons, under the administrative procedure, I hereby ask the Representative of the Red Cross as a social organisation whether he would undertake to bury these bones. I would like to emphasise that it is by no means my intention to organise another demonstrative funeral.
In case the Red Cross undertakes to take care of the technical part of the funeral, please provide me with the date and time of the funeral so that a representative of the Court can be sent to attend it.
District Examining Magistrate
S. Krzyżanowska

A letter written by associate judge S. Krzyżanowska on behalf of District Examining Magistrate to the representative of the Polish Red Cross in Łódź concerning the burial of unburied human remains from the grounds of the former Radogoszcz Extended Police Prison.

The District Court in Łódź. Prosecutorial files on the case against: Walter Pelzhausen, ref. no. Ld 498/28, vol. 4, pp. 213.