Recording no. 3

The Special Criminal Court for the Appellate Court District in Warsaw with its seat in Łódź, having considered on December 15, 1954, the case of Adolf Orłowski, aka Adler, born on March 1, 1906, in Łódź as the son of Jan and Anna, accused of abusing from the spring of 1940 to February 1943 persecuted Poles and Jews imprisoned in Radogoszcz near Łódź, thus helping the occupation German authorities as a member of the SS and a prison guard in Radogoszcz,

decided to:
pronounce Adolf Orłowski, aka Adler, guilty as charged and sentence him to death, permanent disenfranchisement, and forfeiture of his whole property. This sentence is final and binding.

Grounds of judgement
The defendant pleaded not guilty, stating during court proceedings that he had not been a member of the SS, but only had served as a guard outside the camp in Radogoszcz, and that he had not taken part in any beating, abusing, or torturing prisoners. The court proceedings including witnesses, former prisoners of Radogoszcz, questioned under oath proved beyond all doubt to the Court that the defendant was a member of the worst part of the guard unit in Radogoszcz, taking part in beating, kicking, abusing, and torturing Radogoszcz prisoners, both Poles and Jews, being even crueller in his treatment of Polish citizens of Jewish nationality. Beating and abusing prisoners was an everyday event in the camp in Radogoszcz. It started during the morning assembly and ended during the evening assembly. Prisoners were beaten and kicked with unprecedented sadism and bestiality from early in the morning until late in the night; they were beaten with bullwhips, with something heavy on the end, which made the physical pain of prisoners even greater. Each newly arriving Radogoszcz prisoner received a “buy-in”, which meant a certain number of lashes with bullwhips, sometimes even fifty; during every assembly prisoners were beaten with bullwhips by guards standing on stairs, and when they were no longer able to bear the physical pain and shouted in pain, they had their heads dipped in barrels of water, and they were still beaten and tortured. In some cases, prisoners were ordered to stand in the camp yard in freezing weather, with temperature reaching 30 degrees below zero, and they had to stand still; and only after two hours they were driven to the office to have their data written down; in some cases, dogs were set on them, and on frosty days guards warmed themselves up by beating prisoners with bullwhips. At times, prisoners were taken in an unknown direction at dawn, and then the lorry would return from the so-called transport all covered in human blood, body fragments and hair. The defendant Adler took direct part in all these crimes.

A fragment of the conclusion of the judgement in the case of Adolf Orłowski, former guard in the Radogoszcz Extended Police Prison.

Archive of the Institute of National Remembrance, ref. no. GK 209/1162, Special Criminal Court for the Warsaw Appellate District with a seat in Łódź. Files in the case of: Adolf Orłowski aka Adler, c. 67-68.