Recording no. 1

On February 18, 1945, a ceremonial funeral of the victims of Nazi barbarity, burnt in the local concentration prison, took place. The mortal remains of freedom fighters were transported on carts decorated with greenery to the nearby cemetery, where they were buried in two huge twin graves. From early morning, crowds from Radogoszcz, Łódź, Zgierz, Aleksandrów and other neighbouring villages and towns gathered to take part in this demonstrative funeral. Nearly the whole Łódź and the Łódź District participated in this funeral ceremony.
After the church service, the priest, accompanied by a delegation, went to the prison grounds, where he blessed the ashes of the burnt ones, whom German bestiality had turned into truly sacred dust. Then they went to one of the rooms, where symbolic coffins with the remains of the victims were displayed. After the exequies, the funeral procession went to the cemetery, where innocent people murdered in such a brutal way were lying in open graves one next to the other.

An account of the funeral of the victims of the Radogoszcz massacre, which took place on February 18, 1945, in St. Roch’s Cemetery, written for the District Committee of the Polish Workers’ Party in Łódź.

State Archive in Łódź, District Committee of the Polish Workers’ Party in Łódź, ref. no. 39/1029/0/5/17, p. 44.