Recording no. 2

Adam Urszulak, having escaped from the camp in Radogoszcz, lived with me. Now he lives in Lublinek near Łódź. I watched the camp burning from 7 a.m. on Thursday and we could hear shots. But on that day no one went out, and on the following day, around 3 a.m., together with some neighbours, such as Mr. Stanisław Zieleniewski employed as a toolmaker in the Zgierz Electric Railway, we went to open the prison because our neighbour Mikke was there. The prison gate was closed, Zieleniewski opened it with some picklock; the yard was strewn with bodies, I could see their burnt clothes, and one could also tell that they were wounded, that they had been shot dead. At the sight of us, a figure rose from the pile of bodies, with mad eyes. He begged us to spare his life. We reassured him that we were Poles and wanted to save him, that Germans were all gone. That man left the camp on his own. As, for some reason, panic broke out, we were afraid that the camp could be mined and people started running away. I returned home too. When I went back to the camp after some time, I met my neighbour Pewełczykowa, who was leading two people. I took one of them home with me. The saved prisoner who, as it turned out later, was called Urszulak, was severely beaten, and he was carried on blankets. Urszulak said that when prisoners had been jumping out of the roof and then raised their heads from the ground, Germans had finished them off. His companion from the roof froze to death. Urszulak also said that prisoners from the ground floor had been shot first, and when prisoners from upper floors refused to leave, the camp was set on fire. When they saw smoke, people started jumping out of the windows, and Germans shot at those falling and lying on the ground. Urszulak saw Germans finishing those prisoners off and burying them in pits in the yard. Urszulak also said that there could have been about eight hundred people in the camp when it was set on fire.
Read by: District Examining Magistrate S. Krzyżanowska
Signed by: Janina Szulc

Witness interview report of an interview with Janina Szulc of April 20, 1945. The testimony concerns the events that unfolded in the grounds of the burnt prison in Radogoszcz on January 19, 1945, and the help the witness provided to prisoner Adam Urszulak.

The District Court in Łódź. Prosecutorial files on the case against: Walter Pelzhausen, ref. no. Ld 498/28, vol. 4, pp. 97-98.